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BVVSA Victim Needs Survey

By llbvsu, Jan 21 2017 06:38AM

Bow Valley Victim Services, in conjunction with the Alberta Police Based Victim Services Association will be undertaking a very exciting project - asking victims of crime and trauma across Alberta if the services we provided were of help.

For this project to succeed, we need your help. We are therefore inviting you and your victim service program to be part of this new initiative.

After an extensive literature and ethics review, we have developed a voluntary and anonymous questionnaire that people who have previously received assistance from a police-based victim service program in Alberta can complete.

This questionnaire is now accessible via a Survey Monkey link

https://www.surveymonkey.com/ r/BVVS_VictimNeeds

This questionnaire can also be accessed on the APBVSA homepage at - http://victimservicesalberta. com

Once complete, the results from the study will be made available to all police-based victim service programs in Alberta and if we are successful, we believe these finding will be of great assistance in both better understanding and supporting the services we provide.

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