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Apple iPhone Scam

By llbvsu, Nov 4 2015 01:45AM

There is a scam resurfacing. BE AWARE:

People using Facebook on their iPhones are getting a pop up message saying that Safari has discovered problems & please call a 1-800 # (supposed to be Apple). This person asks for remote access to the computer/phone. He then "diagnoses" issues, telling you that your phone and internet have been hacked and that the hack is coming from overseas and tells you if you want them fixed to call another #. That person tells you it will cost you $$.

Apple does NOT do this.

If you get this pop up DO NOT click on it. If you get a call from "Apple" DO NOT give them remote access to either your phone or computer as this gives them ALL of your personal information.

Make note of the number the pop up gives. Call Apple and your internet provider and ask if your service has been compromised. Tell them what happened with the phone numbers.

Call the Anti-Fraud line at 1-888-495-8501 or www.antifraudcentre.ca

Only a hacker will call saying they are "Apple/Microsoft/Google/ PICK A COMPANY" and ask for remote access. The real company would already have your information.

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